Creating a cozy interior in a house by the sea

Such housing is primarily intended for rest and relaxation. There should be no work areas in the form of an office, or the usual bedrooms and living rooms.

All this is enough for us in traditional apartment conditions. The ideal layout of a house by the sea is a small kitchen and several rooms for your relaxation and accommodation of guests.

It is generally accepted that a house by the sea should look like something out of a romantic movie – with large full-length windows and glass doors. In real life, this is not as practical as it might seem. In such an environment, you will lose not only a sense of security, but also your personal space, since your whole life will be on display.

The interior of such a house should not contain various marine attributes in the form of steering wheels or anchors. Here the atmosphere is already filled with the sea. As for travel books with beautiful covers, they will always be appropriate.

The most comfortable tones in the interior design of a house on the coast will be soft rich colors and a delicate white background.

In a house by the sea, it is better to foresee all the details in advance for quick cleaning of the room. You want to come to such housing for relaxation, romance, walks along the shore, and not for household chores. Furniture should be chosen from waterproof materials; the flooring must be smooth and easy to clean, since sand will become your regular guest. The flooring for the main room is a ceramic floor with heated tiles to match the walls.